Regard de la Croix
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The Doctor returns to his Gallic labours with the seventh in his Vingtych (I don't know where he gets it from either) based on the ditties by his old friend Olivier, which he likes whistling in the bath.

"Doctor, this surely is an "ommage" also to the great Catalan, who I believe you also admire, yes?" I dared.

"Overrated self-publicizing one-trick pony" said the Doctor, with what I thought was more than an hint of bitterness.

He then spent several minutes reminding me of the time he had visited the shrine in Figueras, expecting transfiguration, but instead finding some rather dog-eared attempts to shock the easily impressionable disciples of modernism that abounded in pre-war Europe.

After queuing for nearly an hour to see that optical illusion one where you climb up a stepladder and tatty old red couch looks a bit like some lips, the Doctor selflessly tried to save the crowd behind him the trouble, by shouting at them, " It's ok, but probably not worth the wait". If he could have managed it in Catalan, he might have had some effect...